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Our Purpose and Values

Our Values

Unlike many companies who have numerous unnecessary and overcomplicated Values, we have just three that we believe summarise our culture and core values in a simple format:


We do work hard but we also focus on enjoying ourselves. We spend a lot of time at work so everyone has to feel part of something special. We have often been described as being ‘like a family’ with visitors regularly commenting on the positive vibe and energy they feel when they come in to our business.  We approach everything with dedication and a passion for delivering at our best.


Being clever translates across all areas of our business; we always question if we are approaching things in the best way and brainstorm together about how we can improve our ways of working to become more efficient?  We encourage the sharing of ideas from the whole team with the aim of being inclusive, progressive and yet challenging.  This drives us to be “clever” about our ways of working, our approach and means that we are to continuously seeking to improve our business processes in all areas.


Our culture is people centric and we always aim to keep our employees at the heart of what we do; ultimately our business doesn’t function without great people and we firmly believe that it is very important that our team are happy people; both in and out of work. Our company was founded to provide a different working environment than the norm for our people.   It is the clear vision of our founder Kate McCarthy that our business thinks and acts as a team at all times, something that she continues to drive and ensure is at the heart of our decision-making.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose Ultimately, as a business our purpose is to create a profitable business which is sustainable and provides us all with the ability to build a life outside of work which meets our needs, our goals and also provides choice for ourselves and our families.

McCarthy Recruitment’s Vision focuses on the key areas below:

  • Our Customers – We strive to provide our customers with a consultative, honest, high quality and efficient service which develops long term relationships ensuring we become the preferred consultancy for all clients and candidates in our sector
  • Our Employees – We aim to lead our employees towards excellence, recognise achievement and provide opportunity to develop their careers
  • Our Brand – We endeavour to maintain the integrity of the Company and develop a profile in the market place that is synonymous with success, value for money, honesty and partner relationships
  • Innovation – We seek to identify and develop new services, recruitment, practices and be innovative in our approach to providing recruitment solutions to maintain and improve our competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Standards – We aspire to challenge the current perception of retail recruiters through anticipating new trends, striving to create a new set of recruitment standards, and providing a service that our competitors aspire to achieve
  • Our Culture – We intend to develop a culture which promotes team work, shares best practice and maintains high levels of energy, drive and fun