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Negotiating Your New Salary

Published 13th Jul 2020

In our latest Career Change Advice blog, we take a look at how McCarthy Recruitment can help you to negotiate your new salary, that’s perfect for you and your employer. At McCarthy, we seek to build strong relationships with our candidates, developing relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We want to work with all our candidates to secure for them the best available financial terms from their new employer and, we aim to ensure both candidate and employer are satisfied with any terms that are agreed upon following a successful application.

Our aim is to only represent you for a position that can offer the salary and benefits package you would accept to move companies. As such, we will be honest and provide you with an understanding of the salary you can expect from a vacancy. If this does not match your expectations, we will talk further about your requirements, and we may recommend that a vacancy is not suitable for you based on the employer offer.

There is a common misconception that consultancies negotiate for the best salary to secure the highest fee – but not McCarthy. This is not how we operate. We will always put your interests first and, at the beginning of our relationship and throughout the recruitment process, you will be asked about your salary and benefits package expectations to ensure we fully understand your requirements.

That’s why we ask all our candidates to be frank, open and honest with us about their current situations and expectations – only then can we advise you appropriately, negotiate the right terms of employment for you and represent you in a professional manner throughout.

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