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    We will represent you professionally and provide a genuine consultancy service, taking the time to really get to know you and understand your situation and career motivations. We meet all our candidates face to face either on video or in our office. Building a relationship with you is so important.

    We will act as a consultant and provide professional confidential advice and guidance on your career path and choices. We will always use our in-depth knowledge and experience to enable you to fulfill your careers aspiration.

    We will provide all the help and support you need throughout the recruitment process, with practical advice and suggestions to develop interview skills and we have a wealth of knowledge and resources that we will share with you along the way. We will always represent you in a fair and professional manner putting your needs first.

    We will give you frank, honest advice as part of the service we offer to you, establishing a good relationship and working with you to develop you career, fulfill your potential and reach your goals. When you are successful so are we and that's our goal.

  • CARE
    We will always go the extra mile for you, we genuinely care about the fact that moving jobs is a big deal for you and your family. We're passionate about people, passionate about what we do - and just as passionate about doing what it takes to deliver.

    You can contact your consultant at any time, office hours don't apply to our business - you have their mobile number call them anytime with any worries, or advice needed. Use us as a sounding board and we will be there for you!


  • Prepare

    We ask that you be honest with us – in the answers you give, in discussion, feedback and general conversations – if we don’t know what you really think or feel we can’t do our best. Not every role is right, and things change so please let us know and keep talking to us! Candidates sometimes don’t want to let us down if they change their mind or something happens meaning you can’t attend an interview for example but actually it is far better to tell us and then we can help you manage the situation professionally.

  • Prepare

    We ask that you prepare yourself as much as possible for the recruitment process, read the information we send to you and take the time to make sure you present yourself at your best! Listen to our advice and take the time to prepare yourself and we will in turn ensure you have as much knowledge and information to go smash that interview!

  • Represent Us

    We ask that, as a McCarthy candidate, you care about our business too and the hard work that goes in to providing you with an opportunity. We value the relationships we have with our clients and the trust they place in us to put forward the very best candidates. Please don’t let us down intentionally as that will impact our client service.

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