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  • CV to interview ratio 100%
  • CV to placement ratio of 1:2
  • 100% candidate acceptance rate
  • Filled 100% of vacancies briefed
  • Focus on culture & values & identifying the right candidates to join a business in significant growth
  • Supported the business through sustained growth over 5 years

We started working with Crafter’s Companion back in 2016 when we were approached to help set up and recruit an in-store team for a new branch they were opening as part of their head office.

As specialists in behavioural recruitment and cultural fit, we had done hundreds of highly successful store openings previously for various retailers. This made us the perfect choice for Crafter’s Companion. We worked really closely with them to fully understand their culture, their values, and what they were all about. This helped us find the right fit for the business and we had a very successful store opening with an amazing new team.

Between 2016 and now, we have worked with Crafter’s Companion on numerous different roles. We have consulted with them and given insights to help shape their business and drive it in the right direction. As a result of this, we have always been able to find the best available talent in the marketplace. Some of the roles we have worked have been quite unique due to the business growing throughout that period of time especially through their online channels as opposed to multiple new store openings.

As a result of this, we were asked to recruit an IT Manager for them, however, this role was quite different as it had to be a more hands-on IT Manager as opposed to managing from afar. The successful candidate also needed to be able to bring that bigger vision of how they could improve processes and drive the business forward and respond to the huge growth that was taking place in their online trade.

Since then, the list of roles we have recruited has been phenomenal! Roles such as:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Commercial Trading Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Marketplace Specialist
  • Global Marketplace Manager
  • Head of Trading P&C
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Commercial Planning Manager
  • e-Commerce Trading Role
  • Marketplace Trading Manager

It’s been a real varied journey with lots of different types of roles. We’ve helped grow their business and continue to do so to this day. We have also grown with the business through the different key roles we have worked for them. The key to our success with Crafter’s Companion has been understanding their culture and values and working closely with Sara to really understand how she works and what she values from someone who joins the team.


Founder of Crafter's Companion & Dragon on BBC's Dragons' Den

We partnered with McCarthy many years ago when I selected them based on their understanding of behavioural recruitment and cultural fit; both of which are incredibly important in my business. They felt like an extension of our brand and whatever role we’ve needed to fill, which has usually been something new to our structure; they consult with us, they’re honest, they give us insights to help shape what we need, and then make sure that we find the best talent in the marketplace.

We’ve found that McCarthy really cares about helping us to find the right people in the right places; from my Executive Assistant to our Global Marketplace Manager.

Whatever our needs have been, McCarthy have always delivered

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