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  • 70% of hires were female
  • Success ratio of 1:2.2 from CV’s sent to placement
  • 100% acceptance rate
  • 0 leavers across all new starters
  • Coaching of Recruitment Advisor
  • Full review & re-write of external adverts

Our relationship with Frontier started as a consultancy project 2 years ago focussing on unconscious bias and included an analysis of overall business operations, recruitment, marketing, and any opportunity where business processes could be improved to attract a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  Following this detailed review, our findings were presented to the SLT and from this, we became involved in a number of projects to re-shape the talent acquisition approach across the business and start work on a new careers microsite to help attract the diversity of gender and background that Frontier were keen to bring to the talent pool.

We subsequently became involved in recruiting a volume of roles and helping the business to create new adverts to help put our recommendations into action to attract the best talent.  We have been really successful in bringing talent from other industries into key roles, and making a significant impact on the gender diversity of new hires in the business, a summary of which is as follows:

Functions worked across/roles placed

HR – Learning & Development Manager, HR Business Partners, HR Advisors, Compensations & Benefits Business Partner, SAP & Systems Business Partner

Finance – Commercial Finance Managers, Management Accountants, Finance Manager & Credit Controller

Logistics – UK Logistics Manager

Marketing – Marketing Assistants

Administration – Office Manager


Our relationship is ongoing and includes:

  • Careers microsite has been proposed and currently developed
  • Coaching of in-house recruiter enabling the business to achieve a better standard of hire where a direct sourcing approach is taken
  • Influencing key hiring managers at each new vacancy brief on the diversity agenda and the additional benefits of bringing out of industry talent in to functions like HR, Marketing, Administration, Logistics and Finance


Group Finance Director | Frontier Agriculture Ltd.

McCarthy has supported us for two years now across a number of disciplines and through a consultancy approach, advising us initially on eliminating unconscious bias in our recruitment process. The relationship has grown considerably, and they have become a trusted partner providing us with knowledgeable advice and service that now includes recruiting roles across multiple functions in our business.

The team is straight-talking, honest and has become an extension of our team, they understand our business, culture, and goals which is a key element for any of our suppliers. Their pragmatic and commercial approach is refreshing especially in the recruitment space and their advice has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend their services and approach to any business requiring HR, recruitment, or consultancy support.

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