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Recruitment and Talent Manager | Gail's Bakery

At Gail’s, we are a growing business and our in-house processes had developed over time and I needed support to review them and improve our efficiencies to save us time and ensure we were as effective as possible as a team.

I had a really in-depth 1-1 to establish our ways of working and for McCarthy to understand what we need to achieve from our people plan and strategy. They are very supportive, they listen, they understand, and they go above and beyond. What was refreshing was that they didn’t try to sell us anything, their agenda was our agenda, they even sat in on a pitch for onboarding products and their contribution and way of thinking was extremely helpful.

I could not recommend them enough; a breath of fresh air and they do what they say they are going to and I would even go as far as to say that Kate is my recruitment Fairy Godmother!

Thank you

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Our Outstanding Custom-Made Service

She designs a comprehensive recruitment process in line with your business goals, provides head-hunting as standard and always delivers a short-list of quality candidates, however, she still only charges if you like the finished article.

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We are committed to listening to and meeting your individual needs.


Our recruitment services and expertise packages up for you

Our perfect packages will give you so many options! We are passionate about people, managing talent and improving processes to ensure that your business flourishes; after all talent management and recruitment is the foundations to all commercial success.
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We truly believe in working in partnership with our clients.

Partnering you in selecting the right people for your business, and focusing on existing talent, we can help develop teams that will be the key to unlocking success.
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