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  • New Product developed to support Go Outdoors
  • 26 full store teams recruited
  • Teams consisted of 60 people across all roles
  • Success ratio of 1:2.4
  • 95% retention across new stores
  • Supported with Area Manager development

The business was embarking on a growth program of store openings and needed support to recruit whole store teams.  Their in-house attraction wasn’t able to recruit the volume or quality of people required across a number of specialisms required for a store to open and hit the ground running.

  • Developed our ‘Runner’ new store opening package to support their growth plans, essentially we became an outsource for all recruitment activity for the business
  • Successfully recruited 26 full store teams with headcounts of 60 per store including all Management, Team Leader & Store Assistant roles across key specialisms and continue to be their sole supplier of choice
  • Success ratio of CV’s sent to placement of 1:2.4 across the last 5 years

Retention within new stores across the first 6 months of trading averaged 95% which was a significant increase for the business and was a key contributor to stores hitting and exceeding sales expectations


Retail Director | Go Outdoors

When I was responsible for stores across the UK, the retail functions, and the teams that work within the stores, McCarthy was our go-to agency. When we opened a new store in a new town because we are doing recruitment in large numbers in a short period of time the biggest challenge for us was retaining the quality. However, working with McCarthy changed that and the quality of staff we saw coming through were all people that were passionate about customer service but without question passionate about the outdoors which was is central to the business model.

The quality of teams that were recruited was a real contributory factor to new stores hitting the ground really quickly and exceeding targets, particularly within those early weeks.

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