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  • 675 candidates screened by McCarthy
  • 100% of CV's submitted selected for interview
  • 353 interviewed by Sainsbury's in-store
  • 225 roles filled by McCarthy
  • 72% of all candidates were not on the job market
  • 98% accepted to start ratio

We have carried out a number of consultancy projects to advise on diversity and structural changes In this instance Sainsbury’s needed support with a large scale volume attraction campaign following a restructure which needed a different approach to deliver the volumes in tight deadlines

  • Following the announcement of their retail stores re-structure the business had a higher uptake on the redundancy option than anticipated
  • Approached us to support with 225 Management vacancies across the UK
  • Project plan and specific recruitment process designed to aid efficiencies for both Sainsburys and ourselves
  • Worked with their advertising agency to deliver branded advertising for the campaign
  • Delivered 208 Management hires within a 16-week timescale with CV sent to offer ratio of 1:1.7 and an acceptance rate of 98.2%

Supported the business in filling the vacancies in traditionally tough to fill areas which freed up their time to campaign manage the rest of the UK and fulfill the overall project on time


Head of Recruitment and People Analytics | Sainsbury's

I approached McCarthy when we had an unusual requirement for assistance with a volume management recruitment campaign. We worked together to create a bespoke process and a way of working that delivered what we needed in terms of numbers and timescales whilst remaining within my budget. We had worked with McCarthy for some time but we had not recruited at this volume before and I needed a supplier I could rely on to deliver but also work closely with my internal teams and ultimately a partner we could trust.

McCarthy were easy to work with, they are upfront, honest, challenging, and flexible in their approach;  they have delivered over 200 hires with a ratio of fewer than 3 CVs to successful placement in short timescales. They have assisted us as a true partner and their professionalism and passion for doing a great job shines through with each interaction.

We continue to work with them in partnership and assisting with many new and diverse projects.

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