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Published 3rd Mar 2022

Today marks 17 years of Kate McCarthy Recruitment – here are 12  things Kate wish she knew before she started:

1. Recruitment NEVER gets easier.
2. Pandemics exist. And yes, it will flip everything upside down.
3. People will let you down. Even those that you thought had your back.
4. You will also let people down – and both of those are OK.
5. If staff are outgrowing you, you have to let them go. They’ll thank you for it one day.
6. You never get ‘there’, there’s always something else that can be done.
7. So if you’re driven, you will never be ‘finished’.
8. But it’s important to stop and be proud of yourself. Look back at how far you’ve come every once in a while.
9. A holiday is never a holiday – in fact, you’ll never get a holiday ever again. Make your peace with it (God knows I’m still trying!)
10. You’ll have your best laughs at work.
11. People who say work isn’t your family are lying – you will create a meaningful one.
12. Most importantly, you can’t fix everyone. You can’t make everyone OK. You can try, but sometimes people don’t want it and that’s OK.

The last 17 years has been a journey, but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

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