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Choose the best person for the job. McCarthy Style

1. Casanova

He lures candidates in with an extensive online advertising campaign.

Multiple online adverts with the option of full response management, an outstanding low cost option. Find out more…

Movie Star

2. The Movie Star

She saves you time by showcasing the best talent on the market on film.

Sit back and shortlist your superstars to meet face to face Find out more…

The Hunter

3. The Hunter

At your disposal he will research the market, target ideal companies and sniff out hidden talent.

Hire your own personal headhunter and/or researcher for however long you require. Find out more…

The Designer

4. The Designer

She designs a comprehensive candidate attraction and management solution but only charges if you like the finished article.

No placement, no fee, our full candidate management and attraction service, which includes headhunting as standard. Find out more…

The Runner

5. The Runner

She races through new store openings and volume requirements.

We will become your in-house team, a surprisingly cost-effective solution for volume requirements. Find out more…


6. Superhero

Retain him and he will be at your service until the mission's complete, roles from £70-£150K are our specialty.

Retained fee, face to face interviews, executive search and selection. Find out more…


The Runner

7. The Performer

Our entry level product will still knock spots off the competition.

He provides you with a detailed recruitment package which we guaranetee will outperform the best of the rest. Find out more…

The Change Agent

8. The Change Agent

She assists your through people change, restructure and transformation projects.

She ensures that she advises you on the best route to achieving recruitment success.Find out more…