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Counter Offer Advice


Once upon a time, you handed in your notice and looked forward to your leaving party – but it’s not quite that simple anymore. Today when you resign, you can expect a counter offer – but beware, after the initial flattery and extra cash have lost their appeal, you may still be left feeling exactly as you did when you started looking for a new job.

Furthermore, a counter offer that improves your financial package can simply mean that you receive your standard pay rise early – so it could lead to disappointment later in the year. Plus, once you have handed in your resignation, your loyalty and commitment may be called into question, and as a consequence, you may find yourself being passed over for promotion. So, accepting a counter offer can seriously damage your job prospects too. And even when the counter offer includes the promise of promotion, it may still never materialise – and unless you have it in writing, you will be left high and dry.

The facts speak for themselves. A counter offer is often the most cost-effective and productive solution to your resignation. Persuading you to stay may be cheaper than recruiting your replacement – so for your company, it’s not about you – it’s sound economics.

And if you find yourself being tempted, remember this: national statistics show that 89% of all employees who accept a counter offer leave within the next 6 months.

So if you receive a counter offer, don’t be surprised – but don’t be fooled either. And don’t forget you can always discuss the offer through with your McCarthy Consultant.

Accepting a counteroffer can have numerous negative consequences. Consider these top 10 reasons to say “no” to a counteroffer: