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Finance Recruitment: From Challenge to Change – How your business can become a talent magnet

Published 7th Sep 2022

Unprecedented and unforeseen events such as COVID-19 and the enforced lockdowns during the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and Brexit have all conspired to create difficult conditions for organisations looking to hire finance professionals. Economic uncertainty has dented the confidence of employers while rising costs have impacted decision making of companies who are under pressure to make up for losses incurred during the pandemic.

These factors have all played their part in creating a challenging finance job market as evidenced by a slowdown in permanent recruitment. But activity is picking up: our own research revealed that almost 3 in 4 employers are planning to hire new talent during the remainder of 2022. The challenge for finance departments will be to discover those hard-to-find candidates with the right level of experience and skills. In fact, 45% of employers say that they are experiencing difficulties filling vacancies, especially for specialist finance roles.

In our new guide, we look at what businesses can do to improve hiring outcomes given limited talent pools and bolster their teams who are having to deal with increased workloads.

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