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Hot Sector Spotlight: Marketing

Published 23rd Aug 2022

Tech savvy digital marketers remain in high demand.

Much like HR and finance, the importance of the marketing function grew during the pandemic, as organisations acknowledged the vital role played by marketers in raising brand awareness and driving online sales.   

Marketing Managers are in high demand, as companies particularly look for people who can demonstrate ROI from multichannel, integrated campaigns. While experience of data-driven decisions and reporting on metrics are fundamental requirements, companies are looking for people who can make strategic recommendations to accelerate growth.  

The digitisation of customer channels has led to a growing demand for tech savvy digital marketing specialists. In-depth knowledge of SEO, SEM, analytics, ad serving, email marketing, video and social media are all essential skills. The need for quality content has seen a rise in content writer and copywriter vacancies. The pandemic has also further highlighted the importance of e-commerce content as a generator of sales revenue. 

Salary levels reflect the value that marketers bring.

Given candidate shortages, organisations across all sectors are having to increase their salaries to attract the best candidates for permanent UK marketing roles. Day rates are also rising for interim staff and contractors. While being CIM qualified is an obvious advantage and can help boost salary prospects, it is not an essential role requirement. 

The latest LinkedIn research has revealed that marketers are willing to move to locations that offer better pay. For example, the Greater Reading area took second place for ‘top marketing salaries’ in the whole of Europe! London also made it into second spot for ‘areas of migration’, showing the popularity of the capital as a destination for top UK and global marketing talent. 

Candidates must also demonstrate advanced soft skills such as managing internal and external stakeholders. Given that many Marketing Directors now sit on management boards, marketers must build their profiles, improve perception and increase their visibility so that they can exert greater influence as they assume more senior marketing roles.   

Companies must provide a slick candidate experience.

However, there must be a strong focus on the overall benefits package. Top of the list in today’s new working environment is flexible working. Marketing experts want to achieve a healthy work-life balance and given growing responsibilities and increasing workloads, wellbeing and mental health are paramount. However, organisations in Europe were the least likely to embrace flexible working according to the same LinkedIn research.

Another area which is often overlooked is the time it takes to hire, especially for permanent roles. And in today’s competitive market, organisations must make their recruitment processes as quick and efficient as possible. From the initial job ad, through to shortlisting, interviews and offers, keeping things moving and communicating with candidates at every stage is vital. The risk of losing out on top marketing talent is simply too great.  

Not only will a seamless process improve engagement, but it will also enhance a brand’s image. That’s why it is just as important to respond to those applicants that haven’t made it to the next stage. Given the popularity of social media channels and company ratings websites such as Glassdoor, negative experiences will spread quickly and can cause irreparable damage to company reputations.  

Marketing is one of the most popular career choices.

Research in 2022 from the CIM found that 6 in 10 young people would consider a career in marketing thanks to salary and career progression prospects, which bodes well for the current pipeline of talent and the new generation of future marketing leaders.  

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