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How To Strike The Balance Of Pay Constraints And Attracting Talent

Published 18th Feb 2022

Are you struggling to balance attracting talent with the current pay constraints?

Are you worried about standing out in the marketplace as an employer of choice?

McCarthy are well known for being a Recruitment Business that provides great candidates and fills vacancies successfully. What many don’t know is that we are lucky enough to have a sister Consultancy Business ran by Kate McCarthy.

McCarthy Consultancy is extremely busy working with many businesses across multiple sectors including Events, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Food Production and Waste Management. Kate works with these businesses in a non-executive and advisory capacity.


What do businesses need to do?

The war of talent really is over – talent won.

Businesses must now be more innovative about employee value propositions; yesterday we discussed pay and value and worth as an employee. Many businesses that we are working with are now trying to balance an increase in payroll costs, needing to fill vacancies and find amazing talent to fill them.

It’s not always easy to strike the right balance, but growing a business sustainably is critical to long term growth and survival. We have helped and currently are helping many businesses with this fine balance.


So what are we busy doing?

So this week has been very busy for Kate as she travelled the length of the UK running workshops on structure and Employee Value Propositions. As a non-executive, Kate can assist you in understanding your people structure and how you market yourselves as a business. Adding commercial value, Kates extensive business knowledge means she is creating solutions for businesses whilst you manage your salary budget.

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