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How to Write the Perfect CV

Published 3rd Aug 2020

First impressions always count when trying to find a new job. Having a CV that is presented and written well is vital to getting noticed, making a good impression and ultimately gaining an interview. In this latest advice blog, we give you some vital CV writing advice and knowledge on how to write a CV.

When it comes to CV writing, there are no specific rules, however, here are some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure your CV is presented professionally:

Keep it Clear

For maximum impact, your CV should follow a logical layout with headings and section breaks.

Keep it Uncluttered 

Use bold text and bullet points to ensure you highlight specific information. This will draw the attention of the person reading your CV to the parts you want them to see.

Work Backwards

Remember that your CV should always start with your most recent work and education and go backwards, not forward or a mixture of both.  This means the reader can see what you have done most recently first, which is important as it will be more relevant to the role you have applied to.

Keep it Focused

Emphasise your relevant skills and experience, tailoring your information to the specific job application. This can sometimes mean completely rewriting your CV to match a role.

Keep it Concise

A CV should not exceed 2 typed A4 pages, the person reading it will only be looking for vital bits of information and will not want to read through lots of text.

CV Heading

This should be simple and contain your full name and the title Curriculum Vitae or CV.

Duties & Responsibilities

Always remember when writing your CV to bullet point your duties and responsibilities as well as making sure to mention any tangible achievements from previous roles.  This shows you exactly what you are capable of and what you managed to achieve during your time in post.

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