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In-house Recruitment Teams: Creation, Support & Development

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your in-house recruitment team or do you want to put an inhouse team in place? As professional and extremely knowledgeable recruitment specialists we can develop your recruitment processes and your team through a number of solutions, which we guarantee will increase the % of direct hires and reduce your costs for external recruitment.

We have successfully worked with a number of retailers to do just this and in some cases have set up from scratch a full in-house recruitment department. This can include the following elements;

* Setting up and on-going management of applicant management and tracking systems

* Advising on candidate attraction solutions and tender processes

* Analysis of current processes and candidate tracking – full audits where applicable

* Legality and Ethics within recruitment

* 1-1 Coaching for Recruitment Managers and devising development plans

* Devising and implementing new recruitment processes, drawing all recruitment in to one central team

* Recruitment and Induction of new Central Team

* Panel member on PSL reviews and advisor for external recruitment support structures

* Benchmarking and Assessment tool development

* Training and Development of in-house teams

* Candidate Referral Scheme

With a little help from us you will be able to enhance your internal options and slash your recruitment spend.

McCarthy’s knowledge is exceptional, from interviewing and coaching current employees to mapping out recruitment systems to link in with our current processes they just got it – they are professional, blend in to your team and are highly committed. One of the team completed the project when she was 9 months pregnant and she ensured that the handover was seamless – the results are fantastic and we could not have delivered what we did without them and there is no way that it would have been delivered at such a pace, they have the ability to motivate, focus and ensure goals are met. I would recommend Mccarthy as a consultant in to your business to improve your recruitment function as well as there ability to support you with the recruitment service, McCarthy is a one-stop shop and incredibly they does all this with great integrity and with cost effectiveness at the heart. They saved our business thousands of pounds.

Emma Bristow HR Manager, Veolia Environment