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Making a Good First Impression

Published 10th Aug 2020

Always remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression! In our latest interview advice blog, we have outlined some important factors that you will need to take into consideration in order that to make sure that you stand out for all the right reasons for any interviews you attend!

Interview Tips – First Impressions

Remember not to underestimate the importance of making an impact in the first few moments of meeting your interviewer, these can be vital to a successful interview.  When you first enter the building, remember that everyone you meet from there will be assessing how well you would fit into their company and culture, this includes receptionists and other staff. Additionally, if you follow these other interview tips you can’t go far wrong!

  • Make sure you know the correct name and title of the person interviewing you. This shows that you have come fully prepared for your interview, and you won’t come across rude or show that you weren’t listening.  You could even look them up on LinkedIn so that you know more about them and their background which shows that you have done your homework!
  • The smell of stale smoke can be off-putting to potential employers, so if you are a smoker try not to smoke just before the interview – not matter how nervous you get.
  • Dress to impress but remember to keep it appropriate. Before you go to your interview, research the dress code of the company so you know what will be suitable.  Then, whatever you decide to wear, whether it is casual or smart business attire, you will make the right impression.
  • Ensure your clothes are both clean and well-ironed remembering to also pay attention to your personal grooming too. Dirty nails, shoes that are scuffed and unkempt hair will be noticed by the interviewer.
  • If you want to convey confidence, keep an eye on your body language throughout the interview. Start with a firm handshake, sit comfortably but avoid slouching, place your hands on your knees – and remember to smile.
  • Don’t forget eye contact.  Throughout your interview make sure to maintain good eye contact, don’t start looking out of the window but equally, don’t stare!  If there is more than one interview make sure to address them all as you talk, making eye contact with anyone involved in the interview process.

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