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Preparing for Your Perfect Interview

Published 17th Aug 2020

Having reached the final stage of a selection process, you need to make sure to do yourself justice in the interview.  Preparation for interviews is key to achieving success and getting the dream job you want.  In our latest guide, we give you some vital interview advice and tips to help you prepare for your perfect job interview.

Your interview is your chance to demonstrate to the interviewer that you have not only the right qualifications and experience but also the right personality, proving that in this day and age, behaviours can equally be as important as experience.

Interview Tips – Preparation

It is essential that you prepare yourself for your interview to ensure that you make the most out of your chance.  Preparing for your interview not only increases your chances of getting the job but will also build up your confidence throughout the session.  A number of key things you can do to prepare to include:

  • Be punctual – Make sure to leave your house as early as possible to make it on time for your interview.  Turning up late to an interview can show bad timing, which isn’t what you want a potential employer to think of you.  To help with preparation you could even do a trial journey a couple of days before your interview so you know the route.
  • Research the company – In an interview, it’s a guarantee that the interviewer will ask you questions to figure out how much you have actually looked at the company you’re applying for.  It’s vital that you research the company as much as possible, looking at their website as well as social channels.
  • Know your CV – Make sure that you read over your CV multiple times so that you’re fully prepared to describe your roles, responsibilities and key achievements.
  • Practice questions and answers – Take some time ahead of your interview to think about the different types of questions you may be asked.  You will also need to prepare questions you want to ask the interviewer to find out more information about the company and position for which you’re applying.

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