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Job Specification & Descriptions

People are key to Organisational success, but the wrong people, in the wrong place doing the wrong thing will hinder business performance & growth.

Job descriptions are the foundation to a solid recruitment process, they set the agenda and identify expectations and, a well written description will deliver a clear message about what good looks like for your organisation.

We can help you identify your deliverables and review your current materials to ensure you have accurate job descriptions with the right accountabilities and responsibilities to ensure success in a specific role. This can be achieved through meeting team members, your HR teams, research or through delivering our What Good Looks Like for you workshop which assists in the development of expectations and competencies.

Once we have identified the key deliverables and expectations for a role, we will create specific job descriptions with clear competencies that will enable you to measure performance, develop individual training plans and recruit the right people.

This can often lead to a review of recruitment process and design/benchmarking.

We asked McCarthy to review all of our job descriptions as part of a wider project of benchmarking. Embarrassingly they found them not to be legally compliant and they were super helpful in ensuring that we used them to explain what we wanted from a great Sales Consultant. The descriptions were fundamental in assisting us to create a robust and consistent recruitment process

Head of Sales, Booth Ventures

Being a small business we had grown quickly and had a lack of structure and job descriptions was hindering our ability to manage and develop our teams. McCarthy came in to our business and after an assessment and speaking to our key people they developed a robust people structure with job descriptions and person specification for all roles

Head of HR – Confidential client