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Our Founder and Managing Director
Kate MCCarthy-Booth

My career started at 14 as a paper girl and working in the local shop, it progressed to working for Boots during and before University and then a short career in retail management and as a holiday rep before falling into recruitment by accident.

I never knew what I wanted to do when I “grew up” and I still don’t – but recruitment felt right, I hadn’t always felt like I fitted in fully and when I started in this crazy world of recruitment something just clicked. I loved it, it combined so many things I loved; people, relationships, sales, service, accountability for delivery and competitiveness.

What I didn’t love, however, were some of the ethics associated with recruitment, the cultures, the ways of working and I decided the only way to change that was to create my own. So…McCarthy was born! It wasn’t easy, I sold my house, sofa surfed and put my world into storage, worked crazy hours and everything came second – I lost friends who didn’t understand and I got new ones who did and I gained a business environment and culture that I love even more than my love of recruitment itself. My career hasn’t been planned, my degree in Sociology and Employment has actually proved useful now but its main use at first was teaching me resilience and hard graft. I am a normal girl, from a hard-working family and I am the only one who has their own business.

I am married to Matthew, who believed in me from the start and that belief gave me confidence – although we had only met a few months before I started McCarthy, our relationship has grown and had as many ups and downs as McCarthy! During this journey, Matthew and I have had 2 boys, Charlie and Joshua, both of who I fought for (that’s another story) and who have and continue to teach me so much and make me a better leader and Mum.

I am passionate about life, about making the most out of it and making memories. I am not frightened of saying it how it is, I am very straight forward and I am known for my absolute honesty. I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into me, if you want to know more pick up the phone and give me a call, I am always interested in talking.