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Market Analysis & Candidate Benchmarking

To help drive your business forward, we can support you with comprehensive overviews of the market including such things as salary surveys and recruitment practices.  We want to share with you the best practice we have learnt over the years and from retailer to retailer; because we are retail specialists our best practice is relevant and specific to your needs.

Whatever your focus for this year, whether it is staff retention, direct hires, process development or employee branding, we will have advised on it before and have a wealth of experience and suggestions that will assist you in reaching your goals.

It may be that you just can’t seem to attract the right calibre of candidate and you are frustrated and want to raise the bar. Whatever the issue we will have a suggested solution for you that will improve your capability and recruitment strategy.

McCarthy Recruitment is a business that is committed to delivering results to its clients and always goes the extra mile. We rely on them a lot for specific retail intelligence – they are always ahead of the game and know what is happening in the industry. They provide us with regular information for the board on subjects such as salary banding surveys, job profiles and general compensation and benefit reviews which are essential to ensure we are competitive and driving our employee brand. They are different in their approach and understanding of our challenges, they have been incredibly supportive of our business over the last 12 months and I know we have attracted better talent as a result of their commitment and understanding of the business. I regularly recommend their business and know that I can do this with total confidence. They are a passionate team who demonstrate that client satisfaction is at the top of their agenda.

Annabel Hall
Recruitment Manager