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McCarthy Recruitment 2nd Best Place to Work in the UK!

Published 5th May 2017

McCarthy Recruitment has been named by Great Place to Work® as being one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ at their annual Best Workplaces™ gala dinner on the 3rd May, ranking 2nd in their category (Small organisations with 20-49 employees).  Additionally, the Recruitment business emerging as the highest placed recruitment firm in the entire competition – across all brackets as well as coming highest ranked for new entries.

2017 is the first year that McCarthy Recruitment has entered the awards which recognises them as having an engaged workforce, strong leadership and high trust levels within their business. The Multi-Sector Recruiter was delighted to find out that they had been shortlisted for the Awards based on their application and employee survey results, however, when they found out that they had also achieved 2nd place on the night of the Awards, they were absolutely elated!

The methodology behind the ranking is one of the most rigorous available and uniquely comprises both an employee survey and an audit into our organisation’s management and HR practices. The award recognises the strength of our leadership and the range of innovative, creative and effective HR policies we have which creates our successful workplace culture.

Kate McCarthy, MD at McCarthy Recruitment commented, “We are delighted to have been recognised by Great Place to Work® as we truly feel that we have a unique workplace and culture which is driven through our shared purpose, our values, and our people.  We work hard to ensure that our working environment is vibrant, fun and most importantly that it lends itself to fostering an open, honest and respectful culture where ideas can be shared freely.

At McCarthy, we realise that without an engaged and driven workforce we are nothing. It is fantastic to have been acknowledged for our ability to attract and retain great talent, as ultimately, it is our talented employees who drive our business success by providing an excellent service to our Clients.

We have seen fantastic results during our 12 years in operation, and with 33% year on year growth in the last financial year I am really proud of the team and everything that they have achieved.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Employees at McCarthy for the part they have played in helping us to achieve this accolade as I know that ultimately, this recognition of gaining such a high ranking on our first submission to the awards will enable us to hire more great people, who can enhance our ability to grow further still.”

Tom O’Byrne, Great Place to Work® CEO said: ‘We are delighted to see McCarthy Recruitment on our Best Workplaces™ list this year.  It is a validation of the strength of their leadership and their commitment to creating the kind of culture which attracts and retains the best talent and where people have pride in what they do and want to do their best.  The hallmark of a great workplace like McCarthy Recruitment is that their policies and practices are designed around the employee; this employee focus helps attract and retain the talent essential for driving and sustaining competitive performance.  It is no coincidence that high trust organisations like McCarthy Recruitment also tend to perform better than their peers.’

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