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Miss Surfer – Our Database Diva

She searches and filters over 9.5 million CVs to find the best candidates and then markets your vacancy directly to them

With this package you will get:

  • Access to our 150,000+ strong retail specific database along with our online partner databases Miss Surfer
  • CV search under agreed criteria including location, job title and salary bandings
  • Option to include specific competitor keywords, if required
  • Bespoke designed e-shot, selling your opportunity to the ‘best-fit’ candidates
  • Individually designed branded or unbranded email shot
  • E Marketing campaign to attract the best candidates from the search to apply to your brand
  • Targeted follow up and personal email to the top candidates
  • Forwarding service or access to your own web based application page to ensure hassle free filtering

Benefits for you:

  • All candidates who apply will be owned by you for multiple hires
  • Fixed one-off fee with high value exposure to a huge pool of relevant candidates
  • Markets your vacancy and employee brand to an extensive yet specific candidate audience
  • Creates a bespoke email shot for your brand reaching a wider targeted candidate pool
  • Flexible search criteria created by you with our expert advice
  • Ideal for private & confidential vacancies which require sensitivity
  • Cost effective way of reaching and promoting your opportunity to a large volume of candidates