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Passionate and Service Orientated – We are Client Centric

At McCarthy we are passionate about proving our uniqueness, we build long term partnerships with clients to ensure that we add value in so many ways, filling vacancies being just one of these.

We decided rather than take our word for it we would ask our clients to summarise for you what makes us truly different;

  • They are real, honest, normal people that care about your business and immerse themselves in your brand – couldn’t be further away from the image of a typical recruiter
  • Unique, fun and interested – they listen and want to deliver, they are genuine
  • Challenging, if they don’t agree they will tell you, they are not frightened to advise you that you can achieve a better outcome by changing, they will speak up and I admire that
  • Nothing they have ever delivered has been standard, they are passionate, that comes through in the first meeting
  • They will travel wherever they need to, be on the phone whenever you need them, and they take service to a totally new level
  • Partnership is an overused word but that’s the best word to describe them, they are in it for the long term
  • I love the fact that they don’t cherry pick, they fill the difficult roles, the headaches, the commercially urgent vacancies
  • Meet them, you will know instantly that they are different and have a desire to add value to your processes and they are highly commercial
  • Refreshing, total one stop shop – they can literally turn their hand to whatever you need
  • They assess talent not CVs and provide us with people that we wouldn’t have previously considered
  • Innovative, commercially savvy, they make life simpler
  • Consistent and understand assessing “fit”; we succeed together as a team

Our Perfect Packages

Over time we have developed a product to suit every recruitment need; Our Perfect Package products showcase our services and the diversity of our recruitment solutions.   

Talent management is our absolute passion; So, whether you require a bespoke process creating just for you, a full RPO, design for a marketing campaign, a piece of research and consultancy, support for your in-house team or a new supplier to join your PSL – Our Perfect Packages will offer an effective solution.

We know that when your recruitment is right, and your people are engaged, commercial success will follow, providing a tangible return on your investment in our talent management services. Our focus is delivering to your agenda not creating our own, so give us a call, tell us about your biggest problem and we will talk to you about how we can help…and, if we can’t we will be honest too – we will never take on an assignment that we can’t deliver. 

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Video Testimonials

Some of our less shy clients have gone on film to talk to you about what makes us different…