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Recruitment Outsource

You may be surprised to know that we can often outsource all of your administration and recruitment requirements for less than you can create an in-house team yourselves. We have done this successfully in a number of ways; as a permanent solution and, as a temporary solution for a number of years before gradually moving the function in-house. This can avoid large infrastructure costs and ensures that your HR team are focusing on more than just CV sifting, administration, screening and interviewing and are driving the results of the business through the overall people plan.

It was without question that after reviewing the costs and efficiencies of doing all our recruitment ourselves that McCarthy outsourcing our recruitment function for all levels and store openings just made sense. They are professional and highly organised, their recruitment practices ensure that we all save money, are happy with the outcome and life is just easier all round. They have succeeded in opening over 10 stores so far this year with a full team complement. They take all the hassle out of recruitment and deliver an excellent product – especially for growing retailers with a store opening plan

Retail Director
New Store Opening Outsource Project

McCarthy provide a complete outsource support for our recruitment. They provide all levels of management and customer advisor teams for all stores and critically for our new store opening programme which will see 20 stores open this year. They provide an end to end service which is hassle free and extremely cost effective. The team at McCarthy really feel like an extension of our business, they have assisted designing assessment material, role profiles and job descriptions, processes, advertising materials and have a consultancy approach which ensures they add value throughout. Nothing is too much for them, they are available 24/7, they are responsive and work with pace, mirroring our values and culture. From the first contact I had with them it was obvious that they were different to other agencies in that they were always looking at ways that we could improve our recruitment success and essentially save costs at the same time. I think what stands out is that normally a cost effective solution effects service but McCarthy’s quality ratio from CV to placement remains at 1:2 and their efficiency and understanding of their customer’s needs is first class. They are dedicated, honest and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone and especially to retailers who have a significant volume requirement and need a business that they can absolutely trust and rely upon to deliver what they promise

Amanda Balance
Hotter Shoes