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Recruitment Process Design & Selection Materials

1, 2 or 3 stages? Telephone or face-to-face interview? Assessment centre or panel interview? There are a number of stages and techniques in recruiting people into your business all of which can help find the ideal candidate but roles are different and one recruitment process does not fit all!

Through analysing the role you are recruiting for we can help you design a recruitment process that will give candidates the best opportunity to perform and showcase their skills whilst also enabling you to best assess a candidates suitability. This will include everything from the number of stages, the type of assessment, timescales & who we recommend the decision makers are. Time is expense so we ensure every part of the recruitment process adds values if it doesn’t we will remove it.

And remember that a candidate may also be a customer so customer service through the recruitment process is as important as when they are buying a product or service, not giving time and thought to the recruitment experience can be a costly mistake!

We will also ensure that you are recruiting within the law and ensure all processes are non-discriminatory.

Selection materials

As recruitment specialists we can design and write selection materials for you, from screening forms, to structured interviews to assessment centre material ensuring that we give the candidates the best possible opportunity to perform and share their skills and experience whilst critically evaluating their ability and potential.

Our bespoke documentation will support the interviewer/ assessor to ensure consistency in decision-making and provide a framework for candidate feedback.

BP has worked in partnership with McCarthy for over 6 years and they have consistently remained the main supplier for our retail convenience management recruitment.

They are a business that spends time understanding your challenges and working with you to find creative solutions to your recruitment needs, they have a refreshing approach which is based on a genuine passion for recruitment and the businesses they work with. We have had a volume need in 2009 and their advice was invaluable. Their professional and dedicated approach to adding value to our relationship has been excellent; whether it has been in designing and running assessment, advertising media, succession planning or retention McCarthy has been on hand to consult and add value in a really tangible way.  They go out of their way to deliver great quality candidates in an industry that is traditionally difficult to recruit for, in fact their quality ratio has remained exceptional even when recruiting high volume.

Carolyne Daykin
People and Capability Manager – BP Retail

The McCarthy team impressed me from the outset. They have a structured approach and in depth knowledge of recruitment and the retail sector. Their reputation in the retail recruitment industry reflects their commitment to quality and providing a service that goes above and beyond a usual agency approach. They are always willing to add value wherever they can; they have supported me in developing new Recruitment processes through sharing best practice and their knowledge and they are always open to assisting us with our policies. What I like about them is that they have a commercial edge to them too, they understand the business pressures and work with you to find a solution that takes your business forward, and I have a relationship with them that is based on trust. I can talk to them confidentially and we share ideas and ways of working which is a great place to be, I hate to use the word supplier because I view them as a partner and I know that this type of relationship is hard to find so I really do value it.

Helen Gibson
Recruitment Manager – Wolsey