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Rescuing the Hospitality Sector

Published 9th Dec 2020

How we can rescue the Hospitality sector


The entire hospitality sector has struggled to keep their heads above water since the first lockdown back in March.

The Summer trade was heavily impacted by the new restrictions and now the Christmas trade has suffered an even bigger blow in certain areas around the country.

Many have questioned the level of support this industry has been given during the pandemic and they are calling out for a change.

In Northern Ireland, some venues can open their doors from this Friday 11th December. Substantial meals must be served with alcohol and they must abide by an 11 pm curfew.

However in Wales, venues are banned from serving alcohol altogether and they must close their doors by 6 pm every night.  While some have seen a rise in daytime bookings, others have reported a huge decrease in numbers for Sunday lunch, arguably one of the busiest times for any pub or restaurant.

Those who work in the hospitality industry are frustrated by how little the government seems to understand how important this sector is for so many reasons.

Not only is this industry vital for the economy, but for the number of people employed in bars and restaurants that can learn key skills such as customer service. It also plays a significant role in the happiness of the nation. It is not just about the drink in front of you, for many it’s the social interaction with friends and being a part of a larger community.

It’s time to take matters into our own hands

Robin Hutson, the founder of the award-winning Pig hotel and restaurant chain, is leading a campaign that will give the hospitality industry a powerful voice.

He aims to gather enough signatures to push for a Minister for Hospitality to be appointed. This could have a huge impact on the level of support the hospitality sector receives in 2021, and potentially save businesses that have struggled throughout the entire pandemic.

Currently, there are around 42,000 signatures on the petition, there must be 100,000 for this to be debated in parliament.

Many big names in the industry have already shown their support, such as Faversham brewery CEO Jonathan Neame, celebrity chefs Raymond Blanc and Tom Kerridge and TV’s Hotel Inspector, Alex Polizzi.

You can show your support for this campaign by signing the petition at https://linktr.ee/Seat_at_the_table. Alternatively, show your support on social media using the hashtag #seatatthetable.

None of us want 2020 to have a damaging and lasting effect on the hospitality industry as a whole, so let’s do what we can to show our support!

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