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Talent & Succession Planning

Hit by unexpected vacancies? Key roles vacant, putting your business at Risk? Top performers leaving to work for competitors? We can help you minimise this risk by developing a robust succession planning process which will enable you to plan movement within your organisation offering exciting career paths for top performers & prepare for movement out of your organization enabling you to forecast where & when gaps are going to arise, giving you the time to source, select, induct & train your replacement ideally before the vacancy actually arises.

Of course, there will be times when a vacancy arises and no amount of planning could have prevented it but many vacancies can be planned for by reviewing performance, potential & aspirations of your existing employees. You may choose to do this for your entire workforce, your management teams or just for key roles, whatever you decide it will deliver a whole host of business benefits;

* Retain talent in the business through offering development and promotion opportunities to existing employees, reducing your Labour Turnover & improving your Retention & Stability

* Manage risk through forecasting movement giving you a clearer idea of where your ‘future vacancy requirements’ will be which informs your attraction & generation plan

* Manage poor performance in a timely manner knowing you have a succession plan in place

* Ultimately fine tune the recruitment for your business so that as and when a vacancy arises you have a fully trained & competent replacement ready & waiting


Involving McCarthy in the succession planning in your business just makes sense. They understand the market we work in and have an up to date knowledge of the availability of talent in the market place, they know where the difficult locations are to recruit and their advice to be one step ahead in your recruitment planning has proved invaluable. They ensure that we use our bench budget to the best effect ensuring we don’t have stores without management teams and as a result lose money from the bottom line

HR Director, Home and Leisure Retailer