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The Best Place to Work in the UK for Women!

Published 2nd Jul 2018

We’re happy to announce that we’re not only The Best Place to Work in the UK, we have just officially been awarded The Best Place to Work in the UK for Women! 


This is a huge achievement for the company and shows our commitment to creating a flexible and diverse workplace that enables every member of our team to achieve the right balance for them. We have developed a working environment that ensures our team are all treated as individuals and can flourish in their own way.

Kate is personally thrilled to be recognised for supporting our female team members’ lives and career goals and for our business truly believing in how important it is to create a fully inclusive and dynamic culture.

Please read this official extract below from Great Place to Work below!

Small businesses, particularly those outside of London, often lack the resources, superior benefits or general ‘wow-factor’ that might help attract talent to their typically more modest workplaces. This is not the case for all small companies, however especially those who can demonstrate that a genuine and fulfilling workplace culture trumps perks and benefits any day. Kate McCarthy, the founder of McCarthy Recruitment, wholeheartedly believes in giving something back to her 33 staff, aiming to make their lives better, both in and outside of work: ‘Our Purpose is to create a profitable business which is sustainable and provides us all with the ability to build a life outside of work which meets our needs, our goals and also provides choice for ourselves and our families’.

A truly family-friendly organisation, McCarthy Recruitment goes over and above supporting employees’ lives outside work, allowing a natural and easy work-life balance, especially for female employees. McCarthy Recruitment has started a ‘Baby Buy and Sell’ Group to reduce the amount of money employees have to spend on essentials and toys for children by buying, selling and trading good quality second-hand goods. Additionally, they feature a ‘New Parenting Support Group’ for employees to give and receive peer support during this major life transition.

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