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The Movie Star – Our Premium Candidate Selection Tool

She saves you time by showcasing the best talent on the market on film, sit back and shortlist your superstars to meet face to face

With this package you will get:

  • A Video Shortlist for each role, showcasing the star quality in every candidate
  • The ability to record job briefs to be used to engage candidates with your brand allowing your brand to stand out from the crowd and be different
  • A versatile and flexible option for Video Meetings, Interviews and Conference Calls
  • A mobile option, allowing you to interview candidates anywhere with an internet connection using either your Laptop, Mobile or Tablet devices
  • The Movie Star allows you to record all Video Meetings, Interviews and Conference Calls, allowing you to focus on the interview instead of note taking and additionally share the recording with any other hiring managers
  • Live introductions to candidates from our Consultant Team on the interview platform


Benefits for you:

  • 16 Days is the average time saved in the hiring process due to reduction in interview and shortlisting stages
  • 94% of Hiring Managers said that The Movie Star was their preferred way of reviewing candidates
  • 70% of candidates invited for an in-person interview after being reviewed on "The Movie Star" are offered the position
  • Reviewing a video allows you to identify the perfect candidate earlier in the process and prevent you losing them in a candidate tight market