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The Performer

He provides you with a detailed recruitment package which we guarantee will outperform the best of the rest.

With this package you will get:

  • Detailed lob briefs and assessment of the market to ensure we provide a maximum of 3 candidates that match your ideal.
  • Dedicated Account Manager that will always be available, and who will be highly knowledgeable in your sector.
  • Advertising exposure across social-media channels and our award-winning website.
  • Competency based interviewing for all candidates.
  • Detailed candidate screening to assess behaviours, culture fit and attraction to your brand
  • A comprehensive sourcing strategy to ensure candidate attraction is maximised
  • Full candidate management including offer negotiation and on boarding

Benefits for you:

  • No Risk – No cost unless we deliver
  • Detailed candidate management process
  • Our focus is on delivery & quality.
  • 98% Acceptance Ratio
  • Focus on employer brand.
  • 3CVs to one successful placement.

The Performer