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Why ‘Good Enough’ Will Never be the McCarthy Way

Published 28th Mar 2018

On March 8th it was International Women’s Day and the coverage had me thinking: given that I support the day’s aim of celebrating and sharing the achievements of all the amazing women out there, wasn’t it about time I started talking a bit more about our achievements too?

Don’t get me wrong. Celebrating success is well and truly in the McCarthy DNA.

But am I as vocal about everything we’ve achieved as I could be? Maybe not. We’ve just celebrated 14 years in business and that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment. I think that makes now the ideal time to reflect on everything the business and the McCarthy team has achieved so far – and to share how proud I am of those achievements and that team.

Doing recruitment the McCarthy Way

I never embarked on a quest for world domination. I just set out with what sounded like a pretty clear goal for the business. To be the best recruiters we could possibly be by delivering the very best service we could.

But ‘best service’ means something different at McCarthy. Yeah, we could simply advertise the job, find some candidates with suitable skills and qualifications who interviewed well, and be fairly certain they would be good enough.

Except we never do just ‘good enough’.

We don’t just base our searches on finding people with the right skills and qualifications. We find people who are excited by a company’s purpose and want to contribute to it. We find people who totally get what an organisation does and why it does it. We find people who go into work to do a job they love, for a company that genuinely matters to them.

Doesn’t sound easy? You’re right. It isn’t. It takes a heck of a lot of expertise, time and hard work. But I’ve always passionately believed that good recruitment is never just about filling vacancies. We’re in the business of forming relationships, relationships where companies and individuals are going to flourish together, and that takes real skill on our part.

But we do it. Every time. That’s why we’re an award-winning company that’s built up an incredibly loyal customer base, recruiting into managerial and leadership roles across many different sectors. I get such a buzz when I’m with a potential client and the penny drops as they realise quite what we can do for them, way beyond just ‘filling a role’. And when you get the feedback after we’ve placed the right person with them – that’s an amazing feeling.

The McCarthy team

But those aren’t the only reasons I love what I do and why the business has thrived. Because a huge part of the formula for success is the absolutely incredible team I’ve built here at McCarthy Recruitment.

The business has been able to achieve everything it has thanks to the talent and loyalty of the fantastic people here. International Women’s Day may have been a brilliant opportunity to celebrate the achievements of all the McCarthy ladies (we never miss out on the chance to celebrate something!) but I make sure the guys in the team know how outstanding they are and how much I appreciate all their hard work and expertise too. I’ve mentioned about making sure we find candidates who love coming into work every day – well, that’s exactly how I feel as well and with a team that includes people who have been here for over a decade I think I can safely say they do too.

Passionate. Clever. Together. Words that describe so many of the women I have met and worked with on my own personal business journey but also the three words that describe the values and the people we have at McCarthy Recruitment. I’m looking forward to sharing more of our success stories.

If you’d like to contact me, please feel free to email me on kate@mccarthyrecruitment.com

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